Upload Payments

You can use this API method to upload a payment file containing multiple payments.

You POST the file as you would a standard HTTP POST file upload, as if it were posted via an html form with an enctype of multipart/form-data and a FILE input type field.

Files are in a CSV format and must contain headers that match our payment field's keys as the first line.

Parameter Type Required Default Description
paymentscsv File Yes N/A The csv file to upload, uploaded as a standard HTTP POST file upload
funding_source_id Int Yes N/A The id of the bank account/funding source the payments in this file should be assigned to if it's not specified in the file itself
upld_ins File No N/A Either a single PDF file or a zip file of PDF files. Used to bulk add inserts to the payments in the file. If a single PDF is uploaded it is applied to all payments in the file, if a zip file is provided payments are matched to inserts using the 'Insert' column in the file which should contain the appropriate PDF's filename
upld_ins_opts Str No N/A A string specifying print options for inserts uploaded along w/ the payment file. Possible values are: bw_simplex, bw_duplex, color_simplex, color_duplex. This tells us to print them in black and white or color and simplex or duplex accordingly.
format_id Int No N/A Used to specify the format of a file if needed. Only required when the format cannot be auto detected (file does not have headers or headers do not match fields). Currently these formats are created using the 'Upload Payments' functionality in the client portal.
Sample Response
{ "status": 1, "errors": [], "error_message": "", "file": { "id": "2317", "client_id": "337", "user_id": "411", "account_id": "205", "logo_id": null, "insert_id": null, "uploaded_ts": "2022-01-30 21:07:35", "processed_ts": "2022-01-30 20:07:35", "confirmed_ts": null, "orig_fname": "testpayments.csv", "file_path": "d5/5c/80/testpayments.39.csv", "num_payments": 2, "payment_total": 1.50, "errors": [], "processed": 1, "confirmed": "0", "deleted": "0", "detected_delim": ",", "payment_ids": [ 480774, 480775 ] }, "file_id": 2317 }