Payment Statuses

Each payment has a status_id field with a numeric value denoting it's current status. A list of these statuses is below for your convienance.

ID Status Explanation
1 Pending Release Payment has been confirmed/submitted but hasn’t made it through the scrubbing/screening we do on our end.
2 Released Payment has been scrubbed and made it through our screening process and is ready to be processed.
3 Processing Only used by printed checks, when a check is processing it means it is being printed and mailed.
4 Sent Printed checks are in the mail, digital checks have been emailed, ACHs have been sent through the bank.
5 Posted / Cashed When available it means a check has been cashed and cleared by the recipient.
6 Returned When we are processing returns for you and a printed check has been returned to us.
7 Cancelled Payment was cancelled before being processed/sent.
8 Reissued When a payment gets resent for whatever reason, another payment record is created and the original is marked as being reissued.
9 CI Reissued Not generally used but when it is a payment has been reprocessed and resent at no additional cost to you due to a mistake or issue we are at fault for.