Add Bank Account

Checkissuing uses Plaid to add and instantly verify bank accounts. Due to this, in most cases there is no fully automated way to add and verify a bank account. By utilizing the bank-accounts/add method you will receive a URL that must be visited by the owner of the account or a person with the bank accounts credentials.

The URL will lead to a page that allows the visitor to securely verify their bank account. Upon completion of this verification the user will be sent to the redirect_uri provided

Parameter Type Required Default Description
name String Yes N/A What to name this bank account
desc String No N/A A short description of this bank account
acct_type String No N/A What type of account this is. Valid values are CHECKING or SAVINGS
bank_name String Yes N/A Name of the bank where the account is
bank_addr String No N/A Address of this account's bank
name_on_checks String Yes N/A The name to print on checks from this account
starting_check_num String No N/A What check number to start at
fractional_routing String No N/A Fractional routing number/code for this accounts bank (if available)
address_on_checks String Yes N/A Address to print below bank name on checks
return_mailto String No N/A Name portion of the return address to use for checks mailed from this account
return_address String No N/A Return address to use for checks mailed from this account
void_text String No VOID 90 DAYS AFTER ISSUE DATE Text to print for void line on checks
sig Base 64 encoded image Yes N/A Base 64 encoded image for signature. Should start with data:image/png;base64, Can use sig_text parameter if you don't have a signature and one will be generated
sig2 Base 64 encoded image No N/A Base 64 encoded image for secondary signature. Should start with data:image/png;base64,
sig_text String No N/A Checkissuing can generate a signature if this parameter is provided and sig/sig2 are not. This is the name to use for the signature.
sec_sig_threshold Integer No 0 Dollar amount. Checks over this amount will use secondary signature. Set to 0 for all checks to have secondary signature.
is_business Boolean (int) No 0 Indicates if this is a business account or not
redirect_uri String No N/A The URL to redirect to upon successful adding of an account
Sample Response