Add 3rd Party Bank Account

(Bypass Bank Verification)

Some Checkissuing Clients already utilize plaid or other methods to verify their customers bank accounts. In these cases it may be possible to get access to this endpoint, which allows a bank account to be added bypassing the plaid process. Access to this endpoint is limited and on a client by client basis. It can be requested by contacting Checkissuing support and explaining why you need it and what systems are already in place to verify account ownership/authorized usage.

Parameter Type Required Default Description
name String Yes N/A What to name this bank account
desc String No N/A A short description of this bank account
acct_type String No N/A What type of account this is. Valid values are CHECKING or SAVINGS
acct_num Integer Yes N/A The account's account number
routing_num Integer Yes N/A 9 digit routing number for this account
plaid_token String No N/A With certain clients we can setup a sharing of plaid credentials. In those cases the plaid access (and/or) processor token can be shared with us to be utilized for various operations where required
bank_name String Yes N/A Name of the bank where the account is
bank_addr String No N/A Address of this account's bank
name_on_checks String Yes N/A The name to print on checks from this account
starting_check_num String Yes N/A What check number to start at
fractional_routing String No N/A Fractional routing number/code for this accounts bank (if available)
address_on_checks String Yes N/A Address to print below bank name on checks
return_mailto String No N/A Name portion of the return address to use for checks mailed from this account
return_address String No N/A Return address to use for checks mailed from this account
void_text String No VOID 90 DAYS AFTER ISSUE DATE Text to print for void line on checks
sig Base 64 encoded image Yes N/A Base 64 encoded image for signature. Should start with data:image/png;base64, You can use sig_text parameter if you don't have a signature and one will be generated
sig2 Base 64 encoded image No N/A Base 64 encoded image for secondary signature. Should start with data:image/png;base64,
sig_text String No N/A Checkissuing can generate a signature if this parameter is provided and sig/sig2 are not. This is the name to use for the signature.
sec_sig_threshold Integer No 0 Dollar amount. Checks over this amount will use secondary signature. Set to 0 for all checks to have secondary signature.
is_business Boolean (int) No 0 Indicates if this is a business account or not
Sample Response